Spelunky 1.1

A fantastic free platformer


  • Lots to explore
  • Variety of enemies and objects to fin
  • Retro style and sound


  • Controls could be be better implemented
  • Level editor is awkward


Spelunky is a retro platform game with a difference - every new game, a map is randomly created so that no two games will ever be the same!

The point of Spelunky is simply to find treasure, rescue damsels in distress and buy items that can help you along the way. Your intrepid explorer can run, jump and use his whip against monsters, and will learn new tricks along the way.

Featuring very retro graphics and music, Spelunky is ideal for anyone who misses the 80s. It may confuse younger players, but it has to be said that either way it's very playable. There's a lot of fun to be had with the bombs, especially, and there are some really cool items for sale in the game, which make all the gold collecting worthwhile!

It's not an easy game, and there are no saves, so when you die you start again! This is an extremely old school piece of design and would be much more annoying if each new game wasn't different - you don't feel you're repeating yourself in Spelunky.

Each level requires you to travel down to its bottom, collecting treasure along the way. Saving damsels in distress gains you a life, but means you can't carry other objects, like bombs and ropes that you need - so is it worth it? Retro and indie fans will love the way Spelunky plays with gaming conventions, and keeps being invented long after it should do, for a 10mb game!

If you like platforming games, play Spelunky!



Spelunky 1.1

User reviews about Spelunky

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    Addictingly awesome. .
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