Snaptu (BB) 1.3.0

Fast and easy access to Twitter, Facebook, etc.


  • Simple, icon-based interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Fast access Twitter and Facebook updates


  • Some channels are very UK-specific

Very good

The developer of Snaptu has now ceased development of the application. Users are recommended to instead download Facebook for Every Phone.

Snaptu gives you quicker access to popular internet services such as Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and more.

Navigating the Web on a mobile phone has always been a thankless task, but now we're starting to see more intelligent apps that make it easier to get straight to the content you need.

Snaptu is one such program, giving you free and instant access to some of the Web's most popular services. From one neat front screen, Snaptu hooks you up with a range of online tools, including Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, movie reviews, RSS feeds, weather, live sports scores, and much more - all of which can be launched simply by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Customize your Snaptu

Snaptu is a highly customizable program, allowing you to set up the interface to show only the icons of the services you want to use. Once you've entered your log-in details for Facebook, Twitter and Picasa, these are saved, so you can access latest updates, photos, etc. with a single click. Granted, not all of the features from these social networks are available within Snaptu, but it provides a nice way of staying up-to-date while you're on the move.

Each of the different mini-apps within Snaptu has its own set of options and settings, so you can tweak each one individually to display the particular content you're interested in. Once thing I found was that many of the apps, such as MyMovies, Cricket Scores, and the pub guide are very UK-centric, so anyone living outside of Great Britain may be disappointed with the lack of relevant content. Hopefully this is something that Snaptu's developers will address in time.

On the whole though, Snaptu offers a fast and simple way of staying connected to the web content that matters to you.



Snaptu (BB) 1.3.0

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