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idcloak VPN 2.2.1

Anonymity On The Internet

idcloak VPN is a free Security and Privacy software developed by idcloak Technologies Inc. The software lets users access blocked websites, protect their identity online and surf anonymously by hiding their network’s IP address.

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  • Have a private internet browsing
  • Be secure from online danger
  • Access foreign websites restricted by some countries
  • Make online transactions secure and untraceable


  • More exclusive features hidden in subscription
  • Free version is only good for a day
  • Cannot absolutely make users invisible online
  • Only few proxy servers available

Very good

idcloak VPN is a free Security and Privacy software developed by idcloak Technologies Inc. The software lets users access blocked websites, protect their identity online and surf anonymously by hiding their network’s IP address.

VPN Proxy For Local Networks

idcloak VPN  provides security and privacy to users whenever they go online. Their internet access is rerouted to an encrypted channel from selection of countries. This creates a decoy where the user’s network connection is relocated to a foreign place. Anyone trying to spy on users will not acquire their information regarding online activity. Every website will not detect user’s identity and location.

Getting Rerouted Privately

The VPN service uses user-friendly tools to manage connections. Every network connection done with this software are processd to idcloak Technology Inc.’s Global Privacy Network service to ensure that users can still experience the same consistent quality. The software is powered by an OpenVPN platform with 128-bit Blowfish encryption. These two features automatic kill-switch that cuts internet when the VPN connection suddenly disappears. It prevents an unprotected web access for users. Users can also enjoy faster download rate as the software routes them to the most optimal server anywhere. The software’s primary function is to provide privacy for all users. It hides users from their Internet Service Provider on where they visit online while the Internet Service Provider will see that users are only visiting idcloak Technologies Inc.’s servers. This software also hides users from government surveillance, corporate tracking, cyberstalkers, at the same time it erases traces from the websites visited or downloaded. This VPN service helps users who are very concerned about their security when visiting online services. It can stop hacking apps when users access public WiFi network. The software also fends off potential online hackers as they attempt to track users’ IP address and physical location. Users can also achieve better file transfer security since the software makes them undetectable from snooping elements. The software is also handy for foreigners who are surfing online away from home. They can restore the settings they are familiar with. It includes language settings, search results and access privileges services that are only exclusive to their home country. Online shoppers will benefit from the software because they can do a price check with prices meant for foreign countries. They can also secure their online transactions and stop cyber thieves from gaining information about their bank account. Some users are getting victimized by cyber thieves when they transact online but this software prevents that unfortunate occurrence. This software also accommodates business professionals when it comes to confidential business information. It helps users secure their information against corporate espionage. Users can learn advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing techniques from other countries as it shows ads from the countries they have selected to be redirected. The software lets users access websites that may be restricted by their home country. Users can go to websites that large establishments like office or schools block for some rational reason. It also allows users to watch Youtube videos that are restricted to some countries, including songs, tv series and other copyrighted clips. idcloak VPN comes with a subscription for accessing faster network connection, as well as unlimited bandwidth rate.

Global Online Privacy

idcloak VPN is a must-have VPN service for modern users since it shields them from lurking dangers and prying eyes. It also allows access to country restricted websites. Users will have a peace of mind whenever they surf online with the software.

Use Free VPN Proxy to hide IP address to unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, protect identity and surf anonymously

idcloak VPN can be used to unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook and to regain your online privacy. Major Features of idcloak VPN Software: Privacy switching Automatic switching between proxy locations at time intervals you set. Geographically distribute your internet entry-points to evade web tracking. Data protection Intuitive Map-based software Attractive, user-serving software with searchable map permits easy server switching. VPN exceptions menu allows direct connection to selected sites without VPN rerouting. Live chat support; optional remote maintenance; a forum community for peer advice and over 900 educational articles in the idcloak Knowledge Center. No IP logs
idcloak VPN


idcloak VPN 2.2.1

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