Messenger for Desktop and Facebook: The Same Features?

Messenger for Desktop and Facebook: The Same Features?

Although Messenger for Desktop is not officially associated with or endorsed by Facebook, it does share some of the same features as Facebook Messenger. This is why Messenger for Desktop has become wildly popular and is used by more and more people each day. Below are some comparisons between Facebook Messenger and Messenger for Desktop:

Messenger for Desktop Allows for Instant Communication

One of the most important features that both apps have in common is that they allow for instant communication with Facebook friends. The striking difference, however, is that you don’t have to have Facebook open in order to use Messenger for Desktop. Essentially, the program acts as a surrogate for Facebook, providing you with message updates and more from a standalone platform. This is beneficial in that you can continue to browse the web and handle other tasks while still receiving notifications and messages from those with whom you are connected on Facebook.

Stickers and Emojis

One of the more fun aspects of chatting on Facebook Messenger is the ability to use stickers and emojis when communicating. These pictures add a level of emotion to communication that has been missing in the past decade or so of online chat technology. Thankfully, Messenger for Desktop allows you to use these same technologies to send and receive messages with friends and family. All you have to do is log in to the Messenger for Desktop client, load up your list of Facebook friends, and add stickers and emojis with your messages like normal.

See When People Have Received Messages

Facebook pioneered instant messaging when it provided notifications detailing who saw messages and when they received them. This gave senders the chance to know for sure that a message had been delivered. The same is true in Messenger for Desktop. When you send a message to a Facebook friend in Messenger for Desktop, you’re able to see not only that the friend received your message, but also when they viewed your message.

Voice Messages

If you use Facebook Messenger on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that it includes the ability to record voice messages for friends. Well, in Messenger for Desktop, you can do the same thing. Simply use your computer’s microphone or the microphone embedded in your laptop or mobile device, hit record, and then send your thoughts to anyone on your friends list. Messenger for Desktop makes communicating easier than ever!

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