Google Voice Search extension for Chrome out now (video)

Google Voice Search extension for Chrome out now (video)

If you want to use voice commands with your computer, now you can. Google has released their Google Voice Search extension for Chrome, which allows users to dictate Google searches and commands.

Android and Google Search for iOS both have this functionality for smartphones but now it’s finally available for your computer. The extension uses your microphone to detect the hotword, “OK Google,” to perform searches and other commands. The hotword is only detected if you’re at Chrome’s new tab page or on the Google Search site. If you don’t want to say, “OK Google,” you can just click on the microphone icon to activate Voice Search.

The extension is in beta, as it doesn’t have all the functionality that Google Now provides. For example, you cannot yet dictate an email and have it sent using the Google Voice Search extension. However, things like reminders do work and are pushed to Google Now on your device.

To give the Google Voice Search extension beta a try, click on the download link below. The extension will only work with Chrome so make sure you have it installed first.

Download Google Voice Search beta for Chrome

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